Our Vision:  
To bring patients, physicians and manufacturers together to improve quality and lower the cost of healthcare.

Eagle Pharmacy is here to help

Looking for ways to keep your patients on the Brand you trust?

Our best in class Patient Support Services team offers a high-touch, proactive and caring experience that is focused on exceeding your expectations. Eagle Pharmacy leverages technology to build and strengthen patient relationships, while also keeping patients in the driver's seat of their own care. Our objective is to provide support for patients to achieve a high adherence to therapy.  Eagle Pharmacy works directly with brand manufacturers to provide medications to patients at affordable prices.

Select a Brand Medication to Learn More

Many patients become disengaged
through no fault of the physician. 
The cost of a medication is cited by many as a reason to either stop taking the medication or skip doses. The complex and challenging world of payor markets and finding the best price are some of the top reasons that patients do not fill a prescription or do not remain on the treatment plan.

Saving Money for Your Patients

At Eagle Pharmacy, our mission is to make brand-name prescriptions more affordable and convenient for patients. We work directly with the pharmaceutical companies to provide cost-saving programs on select brand name drugs. On average, patients save $200 per month. Our personalized services are designed to enhance the patient’s well-being and increase speed to therapy.

Exceptional Patient Support

The patient support and affordable prices for brand medications offered through Eagle Pharmacy have shown outstanding adherence and persistence. Patients in these programs seek this channel for its access to specific brand medications and the support they receive throughout their treatment. 
We truly believe you and your patients will find our services to be extremely valuable and convenient.
How Does This Work?

Process is Simple

  1. You write your script as you normally do and either fax or ePrescribe to Eagle Pharmacy in Lakeland, FL
  2. Tell your patient to enroll by visiting our easy-to-use online enrollment portal at: www.EaglePatientDirect.com
  3. Eagle Pharmacy fills the script and ships it for free directly to the patient
No Therapy or Generic Switching
Confidence knowing your patients will have access to the brand, regardless of insurance coverage
Proven track record of high patient adherence
Proactive communication with patients and prescribers
Safe & Secure ePrescribing


"Being a nurse I was very pleased with the service I received and how quick everything was expedited. Thank you very much."
Eagle Pharmacy Patient in Florida
"My Doctor recommended the Eagle Pharmacy program and after talking with reps I enrolled and am very satisfied."
Eagle Pharmacy Patient in Louisiana
"I am so very pleased with Eagle. My insurance company stopped covering my blood pressure med. After long research it has been the best one for me, as all other doses were just too strong. Eagle provided this wonderful direct payment system and partnered with my doctor, which saved me an extreme amount of money that I would have never been able to afford. It was effortless. I am happy and well today, thanks to Eagle. I am truly so very grateful!"
Eagle Pharmacy Patient in Tennessee


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