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Eagle is a full-service pharmacy that links patients to medications without interruptions to adherence or the obstacles of traditional access.

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We innovate programs to help manufacturers achieve their needs and visions.  We have created programs for specialty medications and controlled substances. Unique shipping requirements are familiar to us: we work with cold-chain products, non-commercially available products and limited-distribution products.  We adapt to any special handling.

Over one-third of the prescriptions received by a retail pharmacy are never picked up.  More than 95% of the prescriptions Eagle dispenses end up in the hands of our patients.


Eagle program types include patient affordability solutions, hospital discharge and new-to-launch bridge programs.  We focus on ensuring that the manufacturer, HCP and patient will have access to, and can remain adherent to, medications that are prescribed.  

Our services are comprehensive.  They include processing brand prescriptions, overseeing benefit and insurance investigations and reimbursement services.  

We coordinate ongoing therapy with the patient and continue monitoring, managing and reporting on compliance.  Eagle meets manufacturer standards for product storage and system validation and, because of this, we can manage product on bailment, or consignment.


Patients are foremost. When we design our programs we design them with patients’ wellbeing and convenience in mind.  

Eagle monitors patient safety with regular initiatives for process and quality improvements and standard operating procedures for which all employees are accountable.  Employee training is constant.  We follow stringent cGMP standards and have validated systems.  We are audited by WCA and SSAE16, accredited by ACHC and VIPPS and licensed by the DEA.  We’re authorized to ship and dispense in all 50 states, DC and the US territories.  


Eagle Pharmacy utilizes technology to disentangle patients from some of the red tape among retail pharmacies and insurance companies.  Through an online enrollment portal, patients click a few buttons and simply type in basic information.  Online enrollment is also available to HCPs and health care institutions.  

Our products are conveniently delivered directly to a patient’s home, and our automatic refills are immensely popular.


Patient Support Services exceeds our clients’, patients’ and HCP’s expectations day in, day out.  Our “overall satisfaction” rating from patient and HCP surveys has consistently exceeded industry average net promoter scores.


Eagle Pharmacy LLC is a subsidiary of HillCour, Inc., which provides direct-to-patient services, medical claims management and in-house physician dispensing.

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